Ray of hope.

We all are waiting for that ray of hope To appear before our eyes That lovely light, that awesome sensation Which will some how bring us back to life. Although were not physically dead But mentally retarded  to a certain degree Not thinking straight nor for ourselves Just trying to understand what others tell. Waiting… Read More Ray of hope.

Deep sleep

Laying in bed late at night Thinking about what’s wrong and what’s right Remembering all my sins and deeds All that I’ve done wrong, my every greed And as every night I will cry myself to bed thinking about all my loved ones who are dead Thinking that with them I should have spent more… Read More Deep sleep

Respecting Ramadan

Ramadan as most people know is the ninth Islamic month.  It  is a month of blessings and repentance from our sins. Everyone writes about the blessings of Ramadan, but I’d like to share with you some of my personal experiences which lead onto my first fast.         Being brought up in a Muslim home, I… Read More Respecting Ramadan